Monday, December 2, 2013

Jam tangan wanita (SOLD)

Sparkling diamonds, bezel Sapphire to index IVL-9100-1 
Izax Valentino Italy Jewelry collection
Isaac Valentin wrote the originality of design as the exclusive designer of luxury necktie factory in Italy Como, continued, his fame spread to industry mainly focuses on Paisley and floral designs are, pour most power in recent years, textile, respond to requests from not only Italy but also abroad, which supplies a wide range of design.

Luxury jewelry watch with mother of Pearl Dial in natural diamonds, bezel to natural Sapphire! 
The body is Platinum finish, Teleca 88 months of zirconia on case with belt, drifts of high luxury in crafts glow 

Private BOX with differential diagnosis of natural stone is so recommended to the present. 


Pautan terdahulu berkaitan Jam Tangan Izax Valentino

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